How we delight our costumers

All customers – retailers, distributors, quick-service partners, bakeries or catering companies – appreciate the diverse application possibilities, the uncomplicated handling and convenient preparation solutions as well as the calculation reliability of the high-quality cheese specialities from Alpenhain. Read on and see for yourself!

FFT International BV

„At FFT International we like working with Alpenhain. As one of the very few producers in the dairy industry they make products that meet the long shelf life requirements of our overseas (Asian) retail markets. Even in the most critical markets their products remain solid in quality, appearance and taste. We very much value Alpenhain as our long-term partner for business development in our markets.“

Robbert Hazelaar, CEO FFT International BV – The Netherlands


„With over 40 years of expertise in sales and marketing of chilled speciality products in the Irish Retail Market we recognise the quality, versatility, and sales potential of the Alpenhain brand portfolio. In our experience the Alpenhain baking cheese products are enjoyed over and over again by repeat customers which is important for us as a supplier.“

Paul Horgan, Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies Ltd. “finders of fine Foods” – Ireland

Ardis Group

„The Ardis Group company, as one of the biggest distributors of cheese products in the Ukrainian market, has experience in cooperation with the best European producers. Due to the marketing orientation, when choosing partners, we first of all look at the reviews of our customers. Alpenhain with its long shelf life Camembert and Brie products is recognized by Ukrainian buyers and occupies a worthy place in our assortment. All thanks to stable high quality and great taste!”

Konstantin Radetskiy, Manager of New Products Development at Ardis Group – Ukraine

Kostadinov-Raikov Fivepi Ltd.

“The company Kostadinov - Raikov Fivepi is a long-standing partner of Alpenhain for the Bulgarian market and we are truly happy with the cooperation, the professional attitude and the high-quality products they offer. We, as a family company, highly value a partnership like this we have with Alpenhain.”

Kostadinov-Raikov Fivepi Ltd. – Bulgaria

InterCamp d.o.o. Sarajevo

“We are proud to be able to offer on the Bosnian market high quality Camembert and Brie cheese thanks to a long lasting and very successful cooperation with Alpenhain.”

InterCamp d.o.o. Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegowina

Casa Westfalia

“Since 2002 we’ve been working together with Alpenhain, a long-trusted partner for our Food Service market with its great products, being the mozzarella stick one of the most favoured by our customers because of its unmatched quality, true reflection of Alpenhain’s way of working and the kind of partner any fine food company with a 50-year history like us wishes to work with.”

Francesc Lleonsí, CEO of Casa Westfalia, S.A.U.– Spain

Bel Nordic AB

“Within a long-lasting and successful cooperation Bel Nordic is proud to be able to serve the Swedish retail business with delicious and high quality Alpenhain products. In a fast changing environment the Alpenhain Baked Camembert remains a highly appreciated and favorite treat among Swedish consumers.”

Tomas Wintmo, Country Manager Sweden at Bel Nordic AB – Sweden


“We are very proud to have Alpenhain cheese in Uruguay, South America! As you can know, Uruguay is only 3 million people, but we have 9 million cows (3 cows for each Uruguayan people). We are cheese specialists and we assure that Alpenhain is a great partner!”

Ismael Betancor, SILOS URUGUAY – Uruguay