Our dairy farmers

Meet our dairy farmers

We strive for best quality and sustainability. That’s why none of our cows are more than 50 kilometers away from the Alpenhain cheese dairy. Due to these short transport routes the milk always arrives fresh to our premises.

Who actually looks after the cows, thus helping to ensure Alpenhain’s proven quality? Many of our 250 farms have been working with Alpenhain for generations and feel like part of the family. Do you want to find out more about the farmers and what they do? Let’s meet a few of them:

Alpenhain location in Europe
Beim Edl  

The farm at Alpenhain’s front door

Zum Lang  

Where the oldest cow in Bavaria lives


A farm from the 15th century

Beim Huber  

Wellness for the cows with jogging area and shower

Beim Feicht´n  

Terrace with a view for the cows