Cheese tradition since 1905

Our most important ingredient is and always has been our fresh Alpine milk. But what makes Alpenhain as a modern and long-established cheese factory so unique? What do we strive for? What makes our products special and how do we inspire people?

  • Tradition and innovation. At Alpenhain tradition meets innovation – and it’s been this way for four generations. As a Bavarian family business, we have been refining fresh Alpine milk from the local area for over 115 years, with a high level of expertise and plenty of innovative ideas.
  • Passion and experience. Cheesemaking is a matter truly dear to our hearts, and we strive for the very highest levels of quality. The experience and craftsmanship of our employees are a guarantee for consistent top quality and exceptional taste of our products. 
  • Modern production methods. As a pioneer in the production and processing of soft cheese, we are always thrilled by new technology and innovative solutions. Besides our skilled staff and considerable in-house production depth, we also benefit from the very latest production facilities.

We please our customers and partners across all three sales channels with a varied product range of cheese specialities – regional, natural, high-quality, convenient and enjoyable – paired with reliable services and competent advice. We are your contact for unique cheese enjoyment as ‘we make the most out of cheese’.

Customized consulting and services

Our skilled international sales team attends to our international retail and food service customers on an individual and customized basis, working together with them to develop practice-oriented concepts. We aim to delighting customers and consumers with innovative and practical ideas related to our cheese specialities. Our services include the following areas:

Product presentation and application training

After comprehensive consultation on the range and product presentations, we provide our customers with long-term support, and after analysing their needs, we share suggestions on possible applications of the products.

Recipe development

Together with our in-house master chef, we provide you with inspirations for new and appealing recipes and tailor them to the needs of your customers or your market.

Product development

In addition to our standard range, we also develop products that are specially tailored to customer requirements. For example, we adapt the volume, recipe, shape or preparation method for our cheese specialities to customer requirements.

Why Alpenhain?

Well, there are plenty of reasons.


Our products are vegetarian.

Regional and sustainable

We obtain our milk from within a radius of 50 kilometers.


Our products offer certainty in terms of preparation and cost, plus they‘re easy to work with.


Our products are natural and genuine; without added flavour enhancers, preservatives or food colouring.


We are a traditional family-owned company in the 4th generation.


As a manufacturer of cheese specialities, the quality and safety of our products is our top priority.